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No one should intend to build walls without sliding doors.

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KUHN TW60 Das neue All-in-one Trennwandsystem


The new all-in-one partition wall system.

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Eine Ikone von 1968 wiedergeboren - Der neue sunball®

KUHN® / sunball®

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

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About us

We think simple and precise and that's exactly how our products are.

Since 2014, we at KUHN have been engaged in the development of carcase unbound sliding door solutions for upscale interior design. The KUHN system family is developed according to a modular system. The fully modular sliding door system offers maximum planning reliability and design diversity for fabricators and architects.

Großraumbüro mit Arbeitsplätzen abgetrennt durch Glastrennwände
Company focus

Product development, software development and manufacturing from quantity one.

Produktentwicklung Schiebetür-Profile
Product development

Our newly developed modular system is suitable for all installation situations. Powerful roller technology and intelligently designed profile cross-sections enable extraordinary door dimensions.

Software development

With our web-based configuration software, which has been continuously developed since 2014, your sliding door can be individually planned anytime and anywhere.

Softwareentwicklung Schiebetür-Konfigurator
Individuelle Schiebetüren ab Stückzahl Eins
Manufacturing from quantity one

Each order is manufactured "on demand" at our production site in Bünde and delivered directly to the customer from there.



Platform design

Like Tetris. But without losers!

At KUHN, we are pursuing a new holistic approach to solutions and for the first time are uniting the application areas of "building and furniture sliding door hardware" in terms of both design and system technology. Our concept provides that despite the numerous installation situations, hardware connections and profile geometries, the innovative basic design is never abandoned.

Platform design

We asked ourselves:
What can we do without?

The KUHN system can be adapted in function and form to any individual requirement, whether as a carcass unattached furniture application, passage door, room divider, partition or as a complete room-in-room solution.

running technology

Top and bottom running system

The KUHN modular system combines both running properties in one system. The combination with the different system profiles creates a wide range of application possibilities.

Installation situation

Wall, ceiling and integrated ceiling installation

Our system does not care how it is mounted. We made sure that no rail revision is required and the door leaf can still be easily adjusted.

door leaf connection

Aluminiun, wood and glass

Three fundamentally different sash designs in one modular system. This is only available from KUHN!

door arrangement

Number of tracks: 1,2,3 etc.

We have solved the modular structure of our rail profiles so intelligently that everything can be extended with one connection. No matter how often!



Door systems

The application possibilities of our sliding doors are not limited by your property. At most by your imagination.

Aluminum frame
Sliding doors

The multifunctional systems: A sliding door system with aluminum frame is particularly flexible and suitable for almost any application. The KUHN aluminum frame sliding doors harmoniously adapt to any room situation.

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Großraumbüro mit mehreren Arbeitsplätzen und Glasabtrennung mit Schiebetüren
Aluminum frame sliding door AR10
GLASS VSG 8 mm Colorless clear

Honeycomb panel
Sliding doors

The sliding door systems from a single mold: flush design - and yet extremely stable and surprisingly light. The KUHN honeycomb panel sliding doors are given an unmistakable room presence by the almost flush panel design.

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Offene Berliner Loftwohnung mit lichtdurchlässigen Schiebetürelementen
Honeycomb panel sliding door WP00
DECOR Cube satin

All glass
Sliding doors

The simplest system: clear lines and intelligent technology with maximum light incidence. Hardly to be surpassed in straightness, the KUHN all-glass sliding door convinces not only in design, but also through the intelligent and integrated hardware technology.

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Empfangstresen im Eingangsbereich eine Bürogebäudes mit Glas Schiebetüren
All glass sliding door GG00
GLASS VSG 6 mm Colorless clear
running technology

Innovations come from unusual ideas. And their consistent implementation.

The KUHN rail system is a completely modular rail system. This offers processors and architects maximum planning reliability and design diversity and is suitable for every area of application. The entire technology is also maintenance-free and smooth-running. Our modular rail system is suitable for any installation situation. The entire modular system offers a wide range of combination options

top-running-profiles | bottom-running-profiles

Alurahmen-Schiebetür AR10 untenlaufend Laufschiene einläufig
Aluminum frame sliding door AR10 / bottom-running system
Running track insert recessed / 1-track

We have no problem with our products being reduced to their appearance. We still deliver the inner values with

We offer 4 profile colors, silver, platinum white, alpine white and black matt. and a wide variety of decor, glass, lacquer, functional and natural surfaces. A timeless collection that allows maximum design freedom by combining the different materials.

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Alurahmen-Schiebetür AR10 schwarz lackiert Füllung DEKOR Holz Schiebetür Griffmuschel
Filling: DEKOR Bardolina natural oak
Profile color: Black (RAL 9005)
Profile color: silver (standard)
Filling: DECOR cashmere gray
Popular sliding doors preconfigured

Dimensions, material, installation situation ...
we tackle that later!

Any questions?

Contact customer service now:

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Sources of supply

Sales and customer service rethought. Why you better buy a sliding door directly from KUHN:

Trade fairs

Width x height. Nothing else!

You enter the width and height of your opening. We calculate everything else. You can therefore be sure that everything always fits and is calculated automatically exactly according to KUHN's technical specifications.


Intuitively plan and design.

The combination of 3 different sash designs, 4 profile colors (in absolute matte structure) and over 200 infill materials, allows a KUHN sliding door to be customized to the maximum. Get ready for design 4.0!


Simply call KUHN directly.

Stay in touch with our competent customer service throughout the entire process. (Here, too, we use new technologies in addition to the conventional communication channels with our intelligent helpdesk) We are also happy to handle the entire ordering process directly for you. Our motto is: We provide support where solutions are sought and find answers to questions that no one else asks.


When and where you want.

We ship our sliding doors directly from the factory in 100% sustainable packaging made from recycled cardboard. To you or even directly to the project. This is not only easy for you, but also good for the planet.

Konfigurator Schritt für Schritt zu Ihrer persönlichen Schiebetür

Configurator Pro.

Design, calculate and order:
Now web based in 4.0.

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KUHN® Sliding doors

We focus on the development and production of high-quality and individual sliding doors. As a self-image, we consider it to follow the rules of good design. Therefore, our sliding doors are sustainable, usable, aesthetic and unobtrusive.

Complete modularity

Our sliding-door-system is completely modular designed. It convinces through high quality. It is flexible, robust and particularly durable. Almost all connections are mechanical, can be detached again or easily repaired. We develop, design and produce so that everything lasts as long as possible.

Sustainably produced

The packaging of our sliding doors consists almost exclusively of recycled cardboard. Within the manufacturing processes, we produce as little waste as just necessary. Our production site in Bünde uses 100% green electricity and our aluminum profiles are produced from recyclable low-carbon aluminum.

Consume more sensibly

We believe that our purpose-driven customer advice is an important contribution to sustainable consumption. In order to provide precise advice, we focus on understanding the customer's needs. Our Sliding door configurator provides support in the initial planning phase.

Use longer

Our sliding doors intelligently and meaningfully connect rooms. They are timeless and avoid being fashionable. The design allows our customers to use them for many years. Our sliding doors serve their purpose and are durable for a long time. The assembly is simple and logical. So is disassembly and reuse of individual components. Our sliding-door-system can be expanded and logically added to. We sell our customers only what is really needed.

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