We rely on Hydro Reduxa

Aluminum made with renewable energy.

(...) Hydro introduces a new range of certified aluminum products with a small carbon footprint. We minimize the carbon emissions of our products and maximize the opportunities for our customers. Thanks to renewable energy sources such as water, wind and solar, we can manufacture aluminum cleaner than ever before.

Hydro REDUXA® has a carbon footprint of 4.0 kg of carbon dioxide per kg of aluminum. A quarter of the global average! We confirm that certain parts of our production have the highest standards in the world - also from a climate protection point of view. This is because we believe that as our customers' footprint decreases, their opportunities increase.

Hydro's 4.0™ product line has been verified by DNV GL to ISO 14064. Ask Hydro today, and learn more about our products and service offerings to help you achieve your sustainability goals (...)

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