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Our sliding door systems are different because we had different goals from the beginning.

In der Produktion

We pay attention to every detail

During the design and manufacturing process, we pay attention to every detail, no matter how big or small. KUHN sliding doors are available in many different designs and can be used flexibly due to the possible surface designs, different frame profile systems and technical constructions. Three things are fundamental to the design and manufacture of KUHN sliding doors:

Ask the right questions

Those who constantly ask themselves questions not only achieve better results, but are often a decisive step ahead of the competition. If you keep a cool head and still listen to your gut, you can clearly see what is important and necessary and, above all, what you can safely do without.

Sustainability ...

throughout the entire production chain and for all materials used. Environmental protection, animal welfare and the careful use of resources are particularly close to our hearts.

Reduction to the essentials

Nothing should distract from function and effect. To meet this requirement, we at KUHN think a lot about new solutions and ideas. The entire manufacturing team is involved in this process and also decides together on the feasibility of the ideas

In der Produktion


At the core of our product philosophy is the fact that, in addition to the highest manufacturing quality, we place particular emphasis on continuously improving our products in every detail.

We think simply and precisely

Every sliding door that leaves our production is not just a sliding door. It is a well thought-out, particularly high-quality and durable product into which we have put all our heart and soul, our know-how and our experience.

In der Produktion
In der Produktion

Handmade in Germany

Our sliding doors are of timeless elegance, which can be easily and harmoniously integrated into the most diverse environments. And all this in manufactory quality - handmade in Germany.